Repair, Replace or Upgrade Your Allison® Transmission

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XCALLIBER Performance GM/Duramax Transmissions are customized and built to your specific needs. Our dedicated team will consult you to discuss the details of your vehicle along with your expectations of your new XCALLIBER upgrade to your current Allison® Transmission.

Upon finalizing your customer build sheet, your XCALLIBER Performance Transmission will be built from start to finish by one of our trained technicians. Once assembled, the upgraded Allison® transmission is run through a myriad of tests on our SuperFlow Dynamometer. Upon completion of the Dyno-tests, the transmission is serialized, tagged and shipped to you with a complete owner’s manual and Dynamometer report.

The pride you take in your vehicle is the same pride we take in building each and every one of our XCALLIBER Transmissions. We’re not happy until you are.

For almost 34 years DEFEO, our parent company, has been providing replacement parts to the Allison Transmission market in over 60 countries. Our relationship with DEFEO enables XCALLIBER to maximize the amount of new parts in our builds, while still maintaining a competitive price point. We don’t cut corners.

Every XCALLIBER Performance Transmission is built with:

  • New seals, gaskets and O-rings
  • New bearings
  • New bushing
  • New Clutches
  • New filters
  • New harness, solenoids and sensors
  • New torque converter (included in the PLATINUM and BLACK models)

Parts & Solutions for your Performance GM/Duramax Transmission!

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