Repair, Replace or Upgrade Your Allison® Transmission

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Product Performance

  • Our parts perform like they are supposed to, in form, fit, function, composition, and durability.

  • Our parts have been used in both on and off-highway Allison Transmissions since 1984, operating in over 50 countries, on all 7 continents.

Product Reliability

  • All of our parts are thoroughly inspected.

  • We design; engineer, reverse engineer, and dynamometer test our parts, so we know how they are supposed to perform and function, unlike the big “boxing” companies.

  • We warranty our parts and services.

Product Availability

  • We stock over 10,000 parts ready to ship.

  • The most options in the business. Depending on your situation and budget, we can offer....

    • New Aftermarket

    • Performance Aftermarket (1000PK/GM/Duramax)

    • Refurbished Parts

    • Transmission Cores

    • New Allison OEM

    • Good Used Parts

    • Surplus New Parts

    • ReNewed Allison Transmissions

    • Performance Upgraded Allison Transmissions. (1000PK/GM/Duramax)

Customer Service

  • Easy online ordering and tracking of orders.

  • A friendly, knowledgeable, service oriented customer service staff to help you.

  • The fastest quote response system in the industry.

Experience & Know How

  • Xcalliber has been servicing the Allison Transmission industry since 1984.

  • We have engineers, technicians, and service reps. that have been working in the Allison Industry for over 30 years.


  • The most competitive pricing on parts, services, and transmissions in the Allison Industry

  • The most competitive rates on both domestic and international freight.

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