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The skilled logistics staff at Defeo can handle all your shipping needs from start to finish. Due to the volume we ship across the globe, we are able to pass along our great savings to our customers when sending small or large shipments.

We ship domestic and international orders daily with all major shipping carriers and freight forwarders. All international orders are packaged according to the destination country’s import rules.

Orders can be shipped one of three ways depending on the customer’s terms with Defeo:
  • Freight prepaid

  • Freight prepaid and billed to your invoice

  • Freight collect on your shipping account

For small package shipments, we have a daily UPS pickup. We also commonly ship small packages with other major carriers such as:
  • FedEx

  • DHL

  • TNT

For palletized domestic and export LTL shipments, we use a myriad of carriers that ship to all lanes. Some of the common carriers we use are as follows:
  • YRC

  • Estes

  • A. Duie Pyle

  • Conway

  • UPS Freight

  • FedEx Freight

  • UPS SCS – Direct or Consolidated

    • Door to Door

    • Door to Airport

    • Ocean to Port

East Coast Shipping Hours:
  • For small package service- we can expedite all IN STOCK orders placed by 430pm EST.(4pm on Friday)

    • Monday- Thursday 8am- 5pm

    • Friday 8am- 4pm

We can provide the following documentation for shipments:
  • SLI

  • BOL

  • Certificate of Origin

  • Certificate of Quality

  • Commercial Invoices

  • Customers will receive invoices via email or fax- the same day or following day after their order ships

  • Tracking information can be found listed on the invoice under Carton Details

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